The deadly martial arts of Indonesia and Malaysia, collectively called Silat, are known for devastating strikes, ground fighting, throws and use of weapons.

Silat's strikes consist of an arsenal of hand, forearm, elbow, head, knee, leg and foot techniques. As the art is based around fighting multiple opponents it is imperative to use the whole body to subdue an attacker quickly and efficiently. Throws are used to inflict damage and to control from where opponents can attack. Silat's ground fighting avoids being tangled up on the floor through the use of strikes, joint breaking and pain compliance. Silat teaches the use of miultiple weapons through principles. The principles of using a knife can be transferred to sticks, flexible weapons, and improvised weapons.

The Impact syllabus teaches the Buka Jalan style of Silat, developed by Cass Magda. Instructor Nigel Tropman also has extensive experience of other Pentjak Silat styles, including Harimau, Bukti Negara and Serak.


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