Nigel Tropman is the head instructor of Birmingham Impact JKD. He has been involved in martial arts for 25 years and has a vast array of experience. His qualifications include:

  • Initiate Level 2 in Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali Escrima and Indonesian Pentjak Silat, under Sifu Dave Carnell
  • Senior Instructor in Muay Thai with the Phraya Pichai International, under Arjarns Eddie Quinn (Team Approach) and Bob Spour (Phraya Pichai)
  • Level 1 in The Approach Self Protection Method under Guru Muda Eddie Quinn
  • Extensive submission wrestling experience
  • Reality-based self-defence experience
  • In 2012, Nigel became the GBSF Savate Assaut Champion in the 65-70kg weight class:


Nigel's Jeet Kune Do Lineage


To join or for more information please contact instructor Nigel Tropman on 07796090295,
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